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Website monitoring application helps you to detect the performance of your personal or organizational websites which are placed on a remote server. Today in this era most of the businesses need help of such programs in increasing their customers and money and for expanding their business globally, if their website goes down at least 1% up to 7 hours in a month their customers can'st reach them. This tracking utility helps you to identify those minutes when your website goes down due to any reason like connection fail, host or server not found, bad request, low bandwidth or any unknown reasons. You just enter the network IP address and website domain name in this application it will send you email, ring an alarm or run a specific program if your website goes down. Website watching utility monitor all the uptime and downtime performance of your website and gives you ping status report of your WebPages. Real time tracking tool also tracks the host or server, IP addresses and internet protocols like FTP, POP3, SMTP, HTTP and HTTPS. Software is graphical user interface (GUI) based which makes this utility very simple to use and it supports all windows operating systems like XP, ME, NT, 98, 2003 server, Vista, longhorn. You can create or maintain different profiles at single instant containing information about all your websites. Technical as well as non technical user can use this software with the help of its inbuilt help option that describes step by step functionality to operate this tool.

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